Record number of severely obese children

A record number of primary school children are leaving school severely obese, according to new figures from Public Health England highlighted in a recent BBC news article.

In summary, the data shows one in 25, 10 to 11 year olds were severely obese, which equates to more than 22,000 children in total, the highest level since records began. The levels of childhood obesity have remained fairly stable in recent years, but the new analysis shows that severe obesity has been on an upward trend over the last decade.

The report also highlighted that more deprived areas have a much higher rate of overweight and obese children, compared to the most well-off areas. It added that the disparity is happening at a faster rate in school leavers in year 6, than in reception age. More positively, the figures did show a downward trend of reception age boys being overweight and obese. In overall terms however, the figures did indicate a worrying trend since when the records began in 2006/07, a much smaller figure of one in 32 primary school leavers were severely obese.

Ben Kirk of Inspired Playgrounds said; "Reports on increasing childhood obesity are coming out regularly now, and whilst it is important to try and improve the diets of our children, it also important that they undertake more exercise. Children can learn how to enjoy exercise while at school given the right conditions. This is something we passionately believe in at Inspired Playgrounds."